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Pakistani Brides: Fragile But Strong Beauties

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Pakistani mail order brides: Everything About

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There are a lot of opinions about Pakistan. But, there is only one about Pakistani brides: they are gorgeous, reserved, and understanding.

A lot of men dream about these ladies! The only reason that prevents them from meeting thoseamazing Asian womenis the complete absence of knowledge about Pakistani girls. Who are they? Are they as pretty as the Google image say? Can they live with Western men and be happy? What do they want?

We are here to answer these questions and help you reveal Pakistani ladies moral values and tastes.

Why Pakistani girls are so attractive?

pakistani girls

If you would love to meet and date beautiful Pakistani women, you should know a lot about their cultural background, about the rules they get used to following in Pakistani society, and their personal preferences. We will tell you everything about the traditional features of the character of Pakistani ladies for you to see whether one of them can be your perfect partner for life!

Pakistan beauties are very hospitable

The ability to meet and receive a guest, even if one’s own home does not look wealthy or attractive, is an essential tradition in Pakistan. Moreover, it is an art and an important way of social interaction. What is nice is that the Pakistanis are friendly to all the foreigners without exception, unlike many of their neighbors in the region. Pakistani women are even more friendly and hospitable than men, and their skill to host the guests and surround them with care and attention is exceptional. If you want your house to be the place, anyone would want to visit - marry a Pakistani lady and get that dream come true.

Girls from Pakistan respect family

The respect for elders takes an important place in the hearts of Pakistani women. They ask the oldest man in the family for advice, and do it constantly, especially on serious issues affecting family interests. His opinion is respected just like the opinion of such respected people as mullah or cadi. Older people often live with their children and enjoy indisputable authority by both men and women. All important events in the life of a family are celebrated only with all the members, and sometimes with all distant relatives or even friends.

So, be ready for your Pakistani bride to ask you to bring all the family members together for each important event! If you love to see the whole family at a celebration, you will easily find a common language with a Pakistani wife.

Pakistani girls love kids

Children are considered to be the gifts of Allah, and therefore the attitude towards them is caring and respecting. However, sons are treated a little bit better than daughters, because the latter will require a large dowry before marriage. It will make parents borrow a lot of money if they do not have a needed amount. But, such an attitude is usually expressed by men; women love their kids equally. So no matter who she will give birth to, she will be happy to have a kid or more.

Pakistani mail order brides are educated and smart

Pakistan is one of the most "westernized" countries with the Islamic religion as the main one. Women there have full access to both public life and education and even politics. It will be worth noting that this is the only country in the Muslim world where a woman has even headed the country for a long time! Thus, Pakistani girls get used to such an attitude from men and government, and the majority of them have a good education. They adore mastering their skills and learning the new ones. You will have a nice company if you date and marry a Pakistani lady! And, she will be a challenging interlocutor.

Pakistan wives are reserved elegant ladies

You will never see a Pakistani woman wearing too bright colors or defiant clothes in day-to-day life. It is prohibited by their religion and the social rules, but they usually agree upon those rules and follow them without any problems. It is their ordinary way to live, and they tend to hide their beautiful bodies and faces under traditional clothes called “kamiz”. They can be colorful but only when a woman is accompanied by her man when going for a walk. If you like women hiding their beauty for only one man - Pakistani women for marriage will be your best choice.

Pakistani mail order brides: Who are they?

hot pakistani brides

Pakistani mail-order brides are women who register on dating sites to find love abroad. Anyone wants to feel love and be happy, and someone cannot find a soulmate in the motherland. Hot Pakistani girls are not the exceptions: they can fail to find partners for life in their country, in spite of all the incredible features they have.

Some of the girls do not want to marry a Pakistani man because they do not like the way the men behave or the social rules they should follow in their home country. Everything depends on the person, so do not judge ladies for their desires to meet foreigners, please.

What is dating site and how it helps to meet love?

It is easy to meet a Pakistani lady if you know about the existence of dating sites. These sites help people to communicate when they are far from each other and then meet. Thousands of people have met their perfect match online, and you can join their happy crowd!

Dating sites usually offer plenty of services to their users. You can communicate with brides in various ways, such as short messages, long emails, Live Chat or even video chat. Moreover, the most popular sites offer the extended package of services that include sending gifts, translation, and organization of dates services.

You should pick a reliable Pakistani dating site to find your beautiful Pakistani girl for marriage. While choosing, pay attention to the security measures (it is the most important factor) and reviews of the other users - they will tell you everything you need. And, try to find a site with a big database and a good range of services, as well as good design. You are going to use a site for weeks or even months, so try to find a platform that meets all your demands.

Why foreigners are attractive to Pakistani mail order brides?

mail order brides pakistan

Western world has always been interesting to Asian people, and vice versa. But, not only interest in cultural and personal differences make Pakistani women want to date foreigners. Let’s reveal the other reasons.

  • A lot of women marry not for love, but for the agreement of their parents. This is a tradition in Pakistan, but a lot of girls do not want to marry men they do not love. In big cities, there is a better situation with the marriage issue than in villages, where customs are still strictly respected. However, in villages, there can be found women who want to choose their partners on their own. Dating sites help them to find an understanding and caring life companion.
  • There can be a punishment for female disobedience in all its forms. It can be pretty cruel, and women do not want this fate. Marriage with a supportive and loving Western man can guarantee them a life full of respect and happiness without any mistreatment.
  • A lot of people in Pakistan live “one day at a time”. Some women do not want their men to be so unstable and vulnerable to stressful situations. Any girl would like to marry a strong and reliable personality, and some of the Pakistani ladies cannot find such partners in their homeland. Western men who use dating sites may grant women of Pakistan with the life they want to have.

Are there any issues you should know before dating?

pakistani wives

As far as you and Pakistani girls possess the different cultural background, education, and maybe religion, there may be some troubles caused by these issues. Let’s talk about them in details to see whether these problems are so dangerous, or the truth is not so scary.


Pakistani people are very religious. If visiting Pakistan, you can see praying people everywhere! Some drivers can even stop on the road, get out of the car and perform namaz together with passengers. Even the passengers and drivers of trains can do that. The requirements of Islamic traditions are scrupulously respected. People follow the prayer “schedule” and other rules that are obligatory for each Muslim.

Your wife may be very religious too, and it is very nice if you understand and respect such an attitude to religious customs and rules. But, if you are an atheist or have another belief, you should remember that it is an inherited part of your woman’s life and it should be respected just like your love to each other.


Like other Asians, the Pakistanis have a sophisticated code of conduct. People have social status, and try to preserve the reputation of the clan and the high level of wealth. All these things are very important in Pakistani society. And this touches not only the Muslims but Hindus and Christians too. The culture of Hinduism has granted Pakistan quite a strict division into classes - a peculiar remnant of the caste system. There is a social hierarchy that can hardly be understood by a foreigner. If you are going to marry a Pakistani girl, you should learn the specialties of that hierarchy if you want to have a perfect relationship with your wife’s family members. But, if you are going to take your lady to your motherland, you can actually learn that only to show the respect to them and then forget about it, if you want to.


Almost 20% of Pakistani people can speak English. The majority of the youth learns this language, and Pakistani mail order brides may be included in the list of English speaking Asians. If the woman you love has very basic English knowledge, you can always help her to develop her skills and teach her! It will make your relationship warmer, as she will appreciate your care about her and you will enjoy spending time together with your Pakistani beauty!

Bonus: What you should and should not do in Pakistan

date pakistani women

If you decide to travel to your beautiful Pakistani girl after weeks of communication, you should remember about some rules that should be followed in Pakistan. People, there are quite tolerant to the foreigners and their mistakes, so even if you misbehave, just apologize and explain that you are from another country.

The main taboos are:

  • Do not go in front of a praying person;
  • Do not take items with your left hand and do not shake hands with your left one. This hand is usually used for personal hygiene in Pakistan;
  • Wash your hands before and after every meal;
  • Do not touch the head of a person (especially a child!), and it is not recommended to touch other people at all;
  • Be careful with gestures: a lot of European or American gestures may be offensive in Pakistan!