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Countries To Find The Perfect Asian Bride

A lot of western men nowadays fall head over heels for brides from other countries. The reason for this can be that they are not attracted to Western girls at all or have gone down that road and failed. Also, around two decades back, marrying an Asian woman was considered a taboo. But now people have become more open-minded and accepting. Whatever be the reason, a lot of western gentlemen these days flock towards these exotic and tender beauties of Asia.

Girls from every Asian country have their own unique features and deciding which one is the best can be quite a task. Be it India, Vietnam, China, Thailand or any other country, each country has its own quality.

Where should you look for you Asian bride?


India is an extremely diverse country with a blend of a huge number of different cultures and traditions. It is a mysterious land with a lot of hidden gems. Indian girls are very sensual, and most of them are well educated and can speak good English. Indian singles are beautiful with their caramel skin and dark hair. However, most Indian ladies are overly protected by their fathers or brothers, and that is something to look out for. But they are fun loving and adventurous and can be amazing companions for life.


Indonesia is a great country to meet a bride. They have a huge population, including a lot of single girls. In comparison to the male population, female population in Indonesia is far more, thus leaving a lot of choices for the foreigners. Indonesian females are exotic, easy going and friendly. However, some girls can be overly religious.

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Vietnam has a reputation for having the most beautiful ladies in Asia. Vietnamese mail order wives are slim, fair skinned, feminine, and classy. But they are also very conservative. They are not as easy going and fun loving as the Indonesian women. They mostly live with their parents till they get married. Vietnamese girls are great caregivers and also good cooks.


Singapore is a fascinating yet highly expensive country. It is home to ladies of various nationalities and backgrounds. Most women here are highly educated and independent. However, not all of them are as good looking as girls from other Asian countries.


Chinese women have strong family bonds. Chinese girls are extremely loyal companions. They will take care of you and be there for you no matter what. Also, Chinese food is a cherry on the cake. Chinese females are more into a long-term relationship. Learning the Chinese language can be a challenge though.


Filipinas are gorgeous and stunning mail order brides. They can speak reasonably good English. Philippines is a paradise for older men because Filipinas have nothing to do with age. They are extremely loving, caring and sensitive partners. However, Filipinas are highly family oriented. If you are dating them, you are dating their entire family. These girls love kids, and someone looking for a marriage and a family can find his perfect match here.

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